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Protect your Assets with a Lifetime Family Asset Trust.

Make sure your Assets are protected when it matters the most with a Lifetime Family Asset Trust.

What will a Lifetime Family Asset Trust do for me?

An Anglia Will Writers Trust will provide you with the extra security that making a Will alone can’t.


Of course making your Will is an essential and responsible action but it can only dispose of the assets you own at the date of your death. If the value of those assets is eroded during your lifetime, there may be little left for your loved ones to inherit.

When Anglia Will Writers have created your Trust for you, it may be used to ring fence your assets, typically your home and savings. You may choose to keep money in a savings or other account to cover your ongoing living expenses. You will have the flexibility to add or withdraw assets from your Trust at your discretion.


New car, special holiday or unforeseen household repairs? Funds can be transferred from your Trust to your bank account.

A Lifetime Family Asset Trust is applicable and beneficial to married couples and single people alike. You will be the Principal Beneficiary of the Trust and as such, you will retain full control of the assets within it whilst you are alive and have sufficient mental capacity.

During your free home consultation, we will tell you all you need to know about the benefits of this and other types of Trust which we may recommend. We are also highly experienced in all aspects and stages of Trust administration including, what happens if dementia deprives you of mental capacity or if you are taken into care and what happens after your death.

Set up a Trust now with Norfolk-based experts at Anglia Will Writers. We will help chart a course delivering a secure future for you and those you care most about.

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